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Cell Phone Radiation Shield effectively reduces

the harmful effects from Cell phone Radiation that can cause headaches and has been linked to brain tumors and DNA damage.







If you are looking for CELL PHONE HOLDER ACCESSORIES BIRD, you have come to the right place! Our cell phone radiation protection specialists are here to help you.

Our cell phone radiation protection specialists put time and care into CELL PHONE HOLDER ACCESSORIES BIRD. The Safe Cell Tab is a patented invention made of special fibres. It is scientifically designed to reduce harmful effects of cell phone radiation. NASA uses this technology to protect astronauts from radiation in space!

There are two types of cell phone radiation: EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMF (electro-magnetic fields). The Safe Cell Tab technology offers practical and convenient protection against cell phone radiation. It also shields you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields that cordless phones, computers, photocopying machines, microwave ovens and other household appliances emit.

Studies have shown that cell phones have been associated with a wide range of health problems including headaches, pressure or tingling in the head, earaches, eye and vision problems, memory loss, fatigue, brain tumours, etc.

Backed by two independent scientific studies, The Safe Cell Tab is proven to reduce cell phone radiation. Our product works and works well.

Let the CELL PHONE HOLDER ACCESSORIES BIRD experts take care of you.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of our website in order to learn more about CELL PHONE HOLDER ACCESSORIES BIRD and Safe Cell Tab. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.




Cell Phone Radiation Protection Solution



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Cell phone risks:

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Reduces the risks of Cell Phone use.

Cell phone radiation and the health risk associated with cell phone use is real. Reduce the dangerous radiation emitted from your cell phone with the Safe Cell Tab Radiation Shield.


A note about cell phone health risks and cell phone radiation

Cell phones are a potential danger to your health because of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that they emit. Use caution when using products which emit EMR including cordless phones and wireless routers. Protect yourself by using cell phone radiation shields.


Some symptoms of cell phone radiation are ...

  • hot ears

  • tingling sensations on the side of your head

  • cell phone headaches

Common questions and answers about Cell Phone Radiation Shields


Safe Cell Tab Radiation Shields are 9/16" high x 1-1/16" wide x 1/32" thick. These easily adhere and fit to the back of any style cell phone to effectively reduce the health risks associated with cell phone use.


The "Safe Cell Tab" Shielding Effectiveness Test was conducted by CIEMS.

Test Conclusion: The Safe Cell Tab Possesses Shielding Effectiveness within the Test Frequency Range for cell phones.



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